Thursday, January 29, 2009

wanna be on a design team?

we had a dt member leave:( so we have 1 spot open for a permanent dt member
right now the term will be from feb-may after that if you want to stay we would love to have you!

so here are the details
-you will be responsible for providing 1 LO a month-i provide the challenge or sketch and its due by the 29th of each month with a product list.
-it will be posted on our blog on the 30th,please do NOT share your work until the 30th
-i do have a few sponsor things so you can use those for now
- i ask that you promote our site and blog whenever possible, please use our blinkie on your blog
and if we are running contests or challenges please put them on your blog
-taking clear pictures of your LOs when emailing them to me
-participating in the forum as much as you can
-doing 1 weekly challenge here at the forum

so if it seems like something you are interested in please email me at with the following info
-blog address
-2 or 3 of your favorite LO's
-photo of yourself
-short bio
-why you want to be on our design team

i will leave this open for a week and then announce it on 2/6

1 comment:

Fink said...

Good luck ladies! I wish it was for cards!